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Retail hiring and workforce readiness survey

Dear Members:

Washington Retail is collaborating with national organizations to support workforce readiness. Before and during COVID, retail workforce’s training has been on the minds of employers.

As a start, we would appreciate your participation in a survey to understand how retail employers value educational and occupational credentials (i.e. diplomas, certificates, degrees, certifications, licenses, etc.) during the hiring process.

Please pass this survey to the person responsible for hiring in your company to complete by October 19, 2020 for our partners to compile results.

Benefit to you -The survey’s results will be shared to help set the benchmarks and needs for retail education and training programs regardless of your business size.

Thank you for your time in completing this survey.

Partners of this survey:

Credential Engine, a Washington D.C. based nonprofit whose mission includes empowering employers and stakeholders to make better informed decisions about credentials and their value.

Northeastern University’s Center for the Future of Higher Education & Talent Strategy is an academic research group that studies this issue.

Rose Gundersen, VP of Operations and Retail Services

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