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RS claims manager removes incorrect injury liability on member

Nancy Barnes, Manager of Claims Administration, successfully removed a claim’s occupational injury liability from a Retro member because of her persistence in removing an adjudicative error at Labor and Industries.

An employee with carpal tunnel syndrome incorrectly reported his last work date as November 2017, when he actually last worked for our member on January 31, 2016. The Department incorrectly used the worker’s date and attached undue liability to that member.

Barnes knew that this error created liability to a member when actually it was out of the member’s experience and should not impact the member. Despite earlier attempts by Barnes to point out the error and by the worker’s employer, his attorney, the worker himself and Employment Security Department records, Barnes had to elevate the claim to a Claims Consultant who understood that the liability determination was not allowable and removed it from our member’s financial responsibility.

All the members of our Retro staff have trained eyes and work with determination to find such faults in case files to get them corrected and remove unfair liability on our members.

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