Safety Projects

The best companies are successful because they take a proactive approach to safety. You can take a similar approach and improve your own results by training your employees.

RS’ effective safety training programs teach occupational safety and health standards developed by OSHA/WISHA. The training covers safety essentials, automotive safety, and COVID-19. safety in both English and Spanish.

Training helps to reduce accident rates, decrease injuries, and lower workers’ compensation costs.

Check out our comprehensive safety training app, SAFEME! Watch a video, take a test, and print a certificate – all from your phone (or PC). Additional SAFEME resources are available here.

RS can also provide you with tools to help employers and employees implement methods to reduce injuries for the 55+ worker demographic. Take a look at our Aging Workforce project here.

Learn about our partnership with the University of Washington on an ergonomics app!

Visit WorkSafe Washington for more free and easy to use safety tools.

We will keep you abreast of any new developments in the world of safety.

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Safety Library

The library of safety-related instruction is a feature exclusive to Washington Retail members only.

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Safety Ambassador Program

In today’s competitive labor market, a strong safety culture is good for employee retention. In addition to personal recommendations from your employees, a reputation for fostering a workplace safety culture is an excellent recruitment tool. Besides, safety is truly one of the best ways to drive down your cost of doing business.   

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Safety Services

Safety Services are included in your membership. We provide customized safety manuals, accident prevention training, and monthly safety newsletters that include safety calendars with daily & weekly topics for those weekly safety meetings.

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Only Washington Retail members have access to the services and resources available from Retail Services

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Retro is a safety incentive program. Let us help you drive down the costs of doing business in Washington State

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